Warranty Policy


We want you happy and enjoying our product for years to come.  Our limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturer defects, or if you simply damaged them. It does not matter if it is accidental, or in a fit of rage or happiness (we hope happiness).


You start all warranty claims by reaching out to our help desk.  We will inform you through the help desk how to make that payment.  The Customer is responsible for mailing the sunglasses to us and is responsible for shipping costs. 

  • Every Day Boater, 60 Exchange St., Suite C3 #292, Richmond Hill, GA 31324


If you have damaged your sunglasses and need them repaired, you follow the same process of contacting the help desk. You will mail them in to us for inspection and determining how we can repair or replace. Below are the steps how we will process your warranty claim:

  • At the time you initially reach out to us, we will inform you if your frame is in stock, and based on the description of your damage, we will provider an estimate of repair costs based on a tier system (see below). *Please note, estimates are not final until our inspection of the damaged sunglasses.
  • When we receive your sunglasses, an assessment of repairs  will be finalized, and the cost  of your repair will be determined using the following Tier System:
    • Tier 1 repair ($15) - Small part replacement. (ie, nose guard, ear guard)
    • Tier 2 repair ($30) - Larger part replacement. (ie,  side frame, single lens)
    • Tier 3 repair ($50) - Vital part or Complete replacement (ie, front main frame, both lens)
    • If we do not have your frame in stock (or parts), and that item will not be in stock in over 30 days, you may choose a different replacement sunglasses that are in stock at the tier 3 price.


We  make every effort to process  warranty claims as soon as possible. We strive to process your claim within 30 days.