Job - Part Time - Internship

General Business Internship / Assistant

Being a startup family business some days/weeks are slam busy. Some are not. We can always use an extra hand for a variety of things. We are opening up an official internship or assistant position. This is a no pay situation, but will do what we can with minor perks here and there. But, you have the opportunity to see something grow from a literal ground up situation. Maybe even grow a full time job for your self. You have the ability to be a key part of our success, and can past that experience on to your future. Our brain is your brain, and we can share a large history of our industry and computer programming experience that we have.

This position could be ideal for individuals who simply need something to do, school credit (I will try to meet whatever requirements), have an entrepreneurial spirit, or any other reason you may want to be part of the EDB family.

Experience Seeking:

  • MUST have general computer skills: Access to email & internet, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
  • General organization ability
  • Professional attitude
  • Any other sales or computer experience a plus.

Time commitment is flexible. Some weeks could be 10+ hours. Some weeks could be couple hours of just email correspondence.  This position is primarily just for one person, or possible could break out to 2 individuals as we understand this can be a short term or temporary situation.